NexWave Onboarding

The software onboarding process is a crucial phase in introducing you and your users to the NexWaveERP solution. It encompasses a series of steps designed to familiarise everyone with the software's functionalities, features, and usage, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition into your business.The onboarding process begins with the provision of access credentials and user account, followed by an analysis of your specific requirements followed by detailed sessions covering every aspect of your NexWaveERP solution. Users are guided through the software's interface, tools, and navigation, allowing them to gain confidence and proficiency in using it effectively. Additionally, onboarding will involve setting up personalised documents, and addressing any initial questions or concerns. A well-executed software onboarding process not only accelerates user adoption but also enhances productivity and minimises frustration, ultimately contributing to the software's overall success.Our onboarding team are waiting to help you and your team ride high on NexWaveERP. Contact our team with any queries you may have

The Process

01. Analysis

During this stage, we take a look at your business situation together with you. We then decide on how the overall solution can be configured based on your specific requirements. We make sure to use your time efficiently.

02. Configuration

This phase consists of putting the solution into effect. Our team will plan specific sessions covering the core areas of your NexWaveERP edition. Our focus here is on helping you understand all that the software offers in each area to ensure you maximise the breath and depth of the NexWaveERP solution.

03. Training

Software training sessions play a pivotal role during the implementation of a new software system for several important reasons:

1. Skill Development:

Training sessions provide users with the necessary skills and knowledge to use the software effectively. Without proper training, users may struggle with basic tasks, resulting in reduced productivity and frustration.

2. Efficiency:

Well-trained users are more efficient in their work. Training helps them learn shortcuts, best practices, and time-saving features, leading to increased productivity and smoother workflows.

3. Minimising:

Errors: Users who understand the software are less likely to make mistakes that could lead to data errors or system issues. Proper training can help prevent costly errors and data loss

4. User Adoption:

Employees or users are more likely to embrace a new software system if they feel confident in using it. Training sessions help build user confidence, leading to higher adoption rates and quicker integration of the software into daily operations.

5. Optimal Utilisation:

Software often comes with a wide range of features and capabilities. Training ensures that users are aware of and can utilise the full potential of the software, maximizing its value.

Our onboarding team will ensure your team have all the skills needed to use your NexWaveERP solution in the most effective way possible

04. Testing

During this stage our team are on hand to assist your team with any issues they may experience while the complete the User Acceptance Testing phase. Testing is critical for a smooth transition to your new system and so we believe we should be available to ensure you can complete this phase with ease.

05. Go Live

The onboarding process is designed to ensure your Go Live is achieved with minimal disruption to your business. During this phase our team are on hand to ensure everything switches over a quickly and painlessly as possible.

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