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Enterprise Resource Planning

A well-implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is an invaluable asset to organisations. It serves as the central nervous system of an enterprise, streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving overall business success. NexWaveERP provides real-time visibility into various facets of your company, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering collaboration across departments. By integrating key business functions such as finance, inventory management, production, and customer relationship management, NexWaveERP solution facilitates seamless communication and process alignment across your business. With NexWaveERP you can empower your organisations to optimise resources, improve customer service, respond swiftly to market changes, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for growth and sustained excellence.

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is a powerful tool that can transform the way your business interacts with your prospects and customers. It acts as the heart of customer-centric operations, providing a comprehensive view of customer data, interactions, and preferences. NexWaveERP CRM suite enables you to personalise your interactions, leading to stronger customer loyalty and increased sales. It streamlines sales processes, helping teams track leads, opportunities, and deals, ultimately improving conversion rates. Our CRM suite also enhances customer support by ensuring timely responses and issue resolution. Moreover, it facilitates data-driven decision-making through analytics and reporting, helping your business refine your strategies and adapt to changing market dynamics. In today's highly competitive business landscape, our CRM solution is not just great; it's essential for building lasting customer relationships, driving revenue growth, and fostering a customer-centric culture.

Open Source Software for Nex Generation of Business

NexWaveERP is the next generation in open source Business Applications designed to take your business into the future. The system is designed to deliver industry best practice processes out of the box but delivered on the Frappe platform to ensure complex flexibility in low code customisations, thus delivering enterprise level functionality at low cost.

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Accounting is at the core of the NexWave ERP solution. This suite offers real time information to all your accounting transactions. It includes a flexible Chart of Accounts, Management Accounting dimensions, Budgets, Journals, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and Fixed Assets.

Order Management

Drive revenue growth and increase productivity through the NexWave Order Management module. The solution offers an integrated sales order management suite covering orders, Picking Sheets, Despatch Notes, Blanket Orders & flexible pricing options.

Stock Control

Managing inventory is extremely critical to any product-based business, thus eliminating stock outages. The Inventory module ensures stock availability is managed while ensure over stocking is reduced. The suite allows for the management of serialised, non-serialised, batch-controlled items as well as non-stocked and product variants as well as tools for stock takes and inspections.


Managing your procurement cycle is critical to controlling your costs. The procurement suite offers your team RFQs, Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Supplier portal functionality.


Manage your entire manufacturing process with the native features. The suite covers BOMs, Capacity, Production Planning, Works Orders, Routing, Jobs and Manufacturing forecasts.


Employee lifecycle management is easily supported through the native onboarding, attendance and leave management options. Other employee related activities can also be managed though the core HR functions.


NexWave Projects supports both internal and external projects ensuring you are controlling the costs and maximising the revenue potential. Users can generate Gantt Charts, track timesheets, tasks and issues associated with your projects.


Customer service is critical to all industries and NexWave ERP Helpdesk allows your team to track issues and manage.


Managing both your marketing campaigns and your sales operations within one solution allows for detailed analysis of your pre-sale operations. The suite offers features for Marketing Campaigns, Lead tracking, Opportunity & Quotation management, and full pipeline reporting.

Point of Sale

Running your retail operation requires a robust point of sale solution. NexWaveERP offers a native online POS system that is integrated to leading payment gateways for processing the end-to-end transaction.


Managing your business using metrics ensures you can measure and analyse by fact. NexWaveERP offers native dashboard, KPI scorecards, Kanban’s, and graphical reports. Custom reports can also be easily created.


Whether your online presence is based on customer queries or full eCommerce selling, the suite offers both native website options and integration to third party eCommerce solutions. Make your business standout the way you need it to.

Pricing and Plans

NZ$ 350.00 NZD

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NexWave Wholesale distribution Edition

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NZ$ 490.00 NZD

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NexWave Retail Edition

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NZ$ 490.00 NZD

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NexWave Professional Services Edition

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NZ$ 770.00 NZD

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NexWave Manufacturing Edition

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Cloud Computing has revolutionised businessapplications, however we understand that somebusinesses still prefer On Premise options.NexWave ERP is therefore available both in theCloud and On Premise. Our team would be onlytoo happy to install our system for you on yourown servers.

Cloud & On Premise Versions

Cloud Computing has revolutionised business applications, however we understand that some businesses still prefer On Premise options. NexWave ERP is therefore available both in the Cloud and On Premise. Our team would be only too happy to install our system for you on your own servers.